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    Dunno if there is some kind of enforcement push going on, or just free doughnuts somewhere, but this evening on I-35 between Emporia and Lebo I counted six KHP and Sheriff units stopped along the side of the road; that doesn't include any moving in the west-bound lane I mighta missed. Driven that route many times, never saw such a concentration of LEO vehicles. Might pay to drive slower through there for a while.

    In the FWIW column, on the Turnpike between Topeka and Emporia, we drove the standard ~5'ish mph over the limit; got passed by maybe a half dozen vehicles like we were parked, plus the usual number that were going just a little faster than us. And to think some of the politicos want to raise the Turnpike speed limit.... Ace2
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    Maybe there was a man-hunt for escaped murderers?
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    If your religion says suicide and murder are wrong; Aren't you doing both if you are not prepared to defend your life and the lives of others?
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      Dunno, but I'm guessing it was the "free doughnuts"
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