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Discharge of firearm to put down a deer????

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  • Discharge of firearm to put down a deer????

    This seems almost common sense to me but I come from the country. Recently hit 3 deer and totaled my truck. I checked a couple deer and they needed put down. Of course I had my firearm but as things are in current times and my luck, I figured just doing what came natural and obvious to me would probably land me in jail for some jacked up reason.

    I ended up calling 911 and letting the deer suffer for 30min waiting for an "official" to do it. I don't recall seeing any laws on the books about this but I am sure its there somewhere. Can someone clarify for me?

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    If an animal is suffering, and I know I can't save them, they catch a hot one in the brain pan. I have a friend that works for KDWP, and I've forwarded your inquiry to get and will let you know what she says.
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      I understand the dilemma.

      In the last 2 decades I've hit 3.
      None of the 3 lived long enough to be found alive (DRT,- Dead Right There)

      You totaled the truck anyhow, had to call the po-po anyhow, best thing to just wait (and for me, bring me carcass tags).

      You and I's luck runs together,, I'd get some azzhat that would try to run me in for illegally killing the dying deer w/o proper permitting.
      Gone. Good riddance.
      Watch the **** storm continue without me.


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        I can remember back when even LEO couldn't put down injured deers, had to wait for a Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Officer (Game Warden to most of us) come and do it. Several times I had to sit by and let one suffer until he got there (they were all 'he' back then, don't know about now). Bunch of us complained to the local F&W guys, they didn't like it either, but bureaucracy being what it is....
        Had a young spike buck try to follow a bunch of others that had jumped a hog-wire fence once, missed and got his head stuck through one of the squares in the mesh. He fought so hard to un-stick his head he broke his neck. While I was dutifully waiting for the Warden, one of the wealthy neighbors came up to see what was going on, and got real irate that I couldn't/wouldn't put it down. After I explained, he said he'd be calling F&W about that. Short time later, we got permission to make our own determination in such cases, and even were issued carcass tags for people who wanted to keep the deer that smashed up their car (tags for the deer, not the people; didn't quite word that correctly). Back then, the tags were tin or aluminum strips with a number on them; I got in trouble for hanging mine on the rear-view mirror.

        Dunno what the official policy is now, but useta be, civilians (that's normal people, not LEO) could and sometimes did get written up for doing the deed before LEO arrived. Me, personally, if I come across an injured deer that needs put down, I'll go ahead and put it down. If some over-eager game warden wants to write me a ticket, I guess I'd probably pay it---or maybe go to court to explain my side and see where it goes from there. My conscience would be clear, even if my wallet is thinner. Ace2
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          At least relieved to see others might share my opinion and state of mind. I tend to be one that trusts my own brain and common sense before giving in to some bureaucratic nonsense. I am sure other outdoorsmen here know that a deer that won't get up, with obvious injuries, is as good as dead. They don't get "rehab" or hospitalized, they become food. I just hate to see one squirming in pain.
          Super trooper did not even follow instruction that I hit ""3"", and requested that he go West over a small hill and search for the others. He shot one and bailed.


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            You can absolutely be charged for putting wounded deer down, I advise not to do it. I have personally witness a person lose his privilege to hunt, and have his truck taken. After couple years in court, he was only able to get his things back, after he said the deer was endangering the public, because they where still in road way. At the time, they did complete autopsy, and he was even charged for incorrect firearm, but now that would not happen since they changed. He was charged 6 to 7, violations for one shot. 1. Trespassing, even though he was on public road way, 2. Discharging firearm within 50 of road or bridge. 3. Hunting, out of season. 4. Incorrect, cartridge for hunting deer. Other charges I forgot, but he was not allowed to own any firearms till it wad resolved, it took 4 years to resolve.
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              Yep, a lot depends on which Warden or Deputy shows up. The brother got a ticket for picking up a road-kill without a tag: some friends found it, and called him to come pick it up for him (they didn't have a truck), so he called LEO to meet them there to tag it. When he got there, LEO hadn't showed up yet, so they started to load it into the truck and wait. Turns out, instead of a Deputy, the local Warden showed up--turned out to be a Warden Trainee and his stupid-visor/trainer. The older guy told the kid to write a ticket, because they had moved the carcass before it got tagged. Right, moved the carcass from the ditch to the back of the truck. The kid told the brother that if the training officer hadn't been there, he'd just tag it and go on, but there wasn't a choice given.

              Common sense, or lack thereof, and all that. Ace2
              Sometimes the term 'Idiot' is a description and not an insult.


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                See, it is nonsense like this that makes me go want to go awol around "authorities". There is literally record of your call in, and a verifiable history. you did them a favor by saving time in the matter. They respond with a fine. OK, next time LEAVE!

                F=ma, I am curious, it sounds like the deer were not wounded, but were being a nuisance? Quite a difference IMO.