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    My State Rep just sent me this. It seems they want more money for the chilrin, on top of all the other money. Someone slipped a fast one in it.

    Copied from the email.

    State Board of Education would be required to establish curriculum guidelines for a standardized firearm safety education
    Originally posted by kscardsfan
    Grain of salt hell, I'm taking it with a salt block from the feed store. Thats a big bunch of crap there.

    QUOTE=mjkeat;n1101496]****ing stupid.[/QUOTE]

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    Should be a local issue...
    I'm probably on the list. Don't laugh. So are you!
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      I thought that they had written in that it would be an NRA training course. Seems like I heard that on the radio or TV news some time ago, but I wasn't listening closely, and since it is controversial, likely to change.