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? for those who are knowledgable on Kansas Law.

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  • ? for those who are knowledgable on Kansas Law.

    So, if the feds were to pass some kind of assault gun ban that included mandatory turn in/confiscation......where does Kansas law stand on that. I think I remember that it is illegal under Kansas law to enforce this type of federal law......

    Please enlighten me.
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    Well, ignoring the fact that the nation would erupt in violent protest, the superiority clause of the Constitution outlines how Federal law trumps State law. Remember how Kansas upheld the suppressor rights under state law? They totally caved to the Feds when that guy was arrested. Don't expect State laws to protect you against the Feds, 'cause the state totally caved before.


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      Agree with GC on this. However it will never happen. Trump would never sign such legislation into law. BUT! Remember the commies work in baby steps and on all fronts....
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        But what is state law on this issue?
        There is no lesson to be learned the second time a calf kicks you in the balls.....


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          KSA 21-6301

          (h) Subsections (a)(4) and (a)(5) shall not apply to or affect any person or entity in compliance with the national firearms act, 26 U.S.C. 5801 et seq.
          It says that as long as Federal Law is followed it is legal under Kansas law to possess and use suppressors and short barreled rifles or machine guns.
          So Kansas will follow Federal law. The attempt to pass a Kansas exception for guns/devices made in Kansas that don't cross a state line was a failure.
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