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Ks constitution carry for a out of state resident

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  • Ks constitution carry for a out of state resident

    This seems to have slipped my mind,,, can a out of state resident carry on KS constitutional carry law.

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    Yes, IANAL but from the KS AG FAQ

    · Does Kansas recognize CCH licenses from other states?

    o Answer: Yes – but for most individuals, a CCH license is not required in order to carry concealed in Kansas as of July 1, 2015. See below of explanation of unlicensed concealed carry.

    NOTE: Kansas is not a ‘true reciprocity’ jurisdiction; meaning, just because Kansas recognizes a CCH license from State A, that does not mean that State A will automatically recognize Kansas’ CCH license.
    o Since July of 2013, Kansas has recognized all valid licenses from other “jurisdictions” as noted above. The CCLU always strives to keep an updated listing of the states which have determined they will recognize the Kansas license – but …

    Ultimately, the responsibility is on the Kansas CCH licensee to verify that their license will be recognized in a jurisdiction they will be traveling in and what differences there are in laws between Kansas and that jurisdiction.
     Example: Some jurisdictions require an immediate disclosure of CCH status upon being stopped by law enforcement and failure to do so is a crime; Kansas does not have a similar provision.

    · If I am a Kansas resident and have a valid CCH license from another jurisdiction, can I carry a concealed handgun in Kansas?

    o Answer: Yes. Again, a CCH license from Kansas or any other jurisdiction is no longer required in order to carry concealed firearms in Kansas for most individuals. So long as the person is 21 or older and lawful to possess firearms, then they may carry concealed firearms/handguns in Kansas. See below for further explanation of limitations on unlicensed CCH.

    Do I need a license or temporary nonresident receipt to carry concealed in Kansas?

    o Generally, as of July 1, 2015, it is lawful to carry concealed firearms in Kansas without a license or a temporary nonresident receipt previously issued to new residents with valid concealed carry permits from another

    jurisdiction. Some exceptions and qualifications to the general rule are noted below. The Personal and Family Protection Act was changed, via 2015 Senate Bill 45, to allow the unlicensed concealed carry of firearms in Kansas [[LINK TO ENROLLED BILL]].

     There are a few important points to note:

    o Concealed carry only pertains to those who are lawful to be in possession of firearms and ammunition;

    o Concealed carry only pertains to those who are 21 years of age or older;

    o A CCH license will still be required to carry in most states which already recognize the Kansas concealed carry license; unlicensed carry of handguns/firearms will not be allowed in most of those jurisdictions. It is the individual’s responsibility to be sure that they are lawful to carry firearms in a state they are traveling to;

    o Other state and/or federal laws may provide further exceptions to this general rule and will not allow the concealed carry of firearms/handguns. A license may still be required to carry in certain locations within Kansas; and

    o Certain locations in Kansas may only allow the carrying of concealed handguns.
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