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HB2129 Gun Safety Red Flag Act

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  • HB2129 Gun Safety Red Flag Act

    More progressive violation of your 5th and 14th Amendments rights. This is serious and needs to be defeated in committee.Contact your Representatives.

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    I have never read a more repugnant, odious, disgusting piece of proposed legislation in my life. It is abhorrent to the spirit of personal liberty that this nation was founded on. The government is to defend and protect our civil rights, not trample on them. This proposed legislation is anti-American, anti-liberty, anti-everything that we cherish. Representatives Ward, Gartner and Warfield should be impeached and removed at once.
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      Guilty till proven innocent. Yep that's the American way....
      I'm probably on the list. Don't laugh. So are you!
      Multi-Tasking is great until you actually have to accomplish something.
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