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Recent Move- purchasing a firearm

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  • Recent Move- purchasing a firearm

    We recently moved from one Kansas address to another- (a week ago). Haven't gotten a drivers license with the corrected address on it. Can I legally purchase a firearm from a shop with, say a utility bill with my name and new address on it for identification? Or is there another option available until I get my license changed?

    Thank You

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    Yes, you can go to the KS dept of revenue and change your address,and print a form.
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      From what I just found on the ATF website, you need a valid, government issued ID with name, current address and your signature. See PDF link:
      If you go get an update, the DMV immediately issues a temporary, paper ID with this on it. It looks like a recept with a black and white of your mug on it and a digital copy of your signature. It doesn't say anything about having to be the laminated copy.

      In fact, I remember buying a house warming pistol locally with my temporary ID as soon as I bought my place here. I'd recommend that route.
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        Your identification does not have to be all on one document. Don't forget you are required to update your CCH with the KSAG. You can get a new DL and the paper receipt has a photo.
        The new utility bill, water bills are usually government issue
        Don't forget to update your voter registration or you won't be able to vote in November.

        No. An identification document must contain the name, residence address, date of birth and photograph of the holder. A Social Security card does not, by itself, contain sufficient information to identify a firearms purchaser. However, a purchaser may be identified by any combination of government–issued documents which together establish all of the required information.

        [27 CFR 478.11 and 478.124(c)]
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