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    Washington state voters pass ballot measure to further regulate guns ...

    20 hours ago - Citizen Sponsor of Initiative 1639, Paul Kramer, from left, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson... (Jason Redmond / Special to The ..
    A few billionaires from MICROSOFT bankrolled a "citizen voter initiative" that requires a background check before EVERY transfer of a gun in the state, AFAIK this includes even loaning your neighbor a shotgun to go hunting, a gift to your parent or child, or your brother from Kansas who visits and needs a gun to go bear hunting or trap shootng.

    Lots more too.
    Background checks so you can keep the guns you already have.

    SAF and CCRKBA and NRA were outspent 10 to one.

    The bad thing is since it was passed by a vote of all the voters, the legislature can't amend it or repeal it. The State Supreme Court which put it on the ballot despite the petitions not meeting state law. An appeals cort had followed the law and prevented the 1639 on te ballot but the State Supreme Court ignored the law..

    Voter Petitions are allowed in about 20 states and now Bloomberg and Microsoft billionaires know it can be done. They will do Arizona and other states ASAP.

    But we're safe in Kansas for now.
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    The people think the Constitution protects their rights; But government sees it as an obstacle to be overcome.
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