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Why doesn't PETA understand?

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  • Why doesn't PETA understand?

    Heard something about PETA mentioned a while ago, and got to wondering: If they're right, and it's wrong to eat animals, then why are so many animals made out of food? I mean, pigs are made of pork, cows are made of beef, deers are made of venison, fish have fillets along their sides..... Ace2
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    If it is wrong for humans to eat animals, why isn't it wrong for animals to eat animals? By that logic, we should be cannibals. is it wrong for animals to eat humans? If so, would someone please tell that to the lions and tigers and bears? Oh my!


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      People Eating Tasty Animals
      The people think the Constitution protects their rights; But government sees it as an obstacle to be overcome.
      If your religion says suicide and murder are wrong; Aren't you doing both if you are not prepared to defend your life and the lives of others?
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        Yup, peta is funny. When I volunteer with animal rescues, I get weird looks, and there is always a bull dyke or two that wonders how I pull off such a butch look.

        peta is wetting themselves over the future Mrs. Arod carrying a $100,000 gator purse, but not a word about all the lives lost mining her $5,000,000 diamond ring.

        Iím lucky peta throws red paint on little old ladies wearing fur, not 250# bikers in leathers. I managed to eat pork, cow and fish today. I saved a chickens life!
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        Originally posted by kscardsfan
        Grain of salt hell, I'm taking it with a salt block from the feed store. Thats a big bunch of crap there.

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          Moooooo. Mooooooooooooooo. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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