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Dogs drool, cats rule

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  • Dogs drool, cats rule

    A little theology I learned today.

    A Rottweiler, a German Shepherd, and a scroungy alley cat died and went to Heaven. St. Peter asks the Rottweiler 'What was your task on Earth?' The Rott replied 'My job was to protect my family, be gentle with the children and vicious to intruders, and not poop in the house. I did them all quite well.' St. Peter said 'Good boy. Come and sit at my left side.'
    Then he asked the German Shepherd 'And what was your task on Earth?' Ol' Shep said 'I was expected to guard the herds and flocks, keep them from danger and fight off the wolves and coyotes, as well as be loyal to my family and protect them. I did it all successfully.' St. Peter said 'Good girl. Come and sit at my right side.'
    Then St. Peter turned to the cat, and asked 'And what was your task on Earth?' The cat said 'OK, first thing bud, you're sitting in my chair.'

    Sometimes the term 'Idiot' is a description and not an insult.