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Brady Encouraged Lawsuit Cost Couple $200,000

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  • Brady Encouraged Lawsuit Cost Couple $200,000

    It seems that the Brady Bunch encouraged a couple who lost their daughter in Aurora to file a lawsuit against the people who supplied the ammunition used by Holmes. The lawsuit was dismissed by a federal judge, and the couple ended up ordered to pay the legal bills of the defendants. Brady, it seems, used them and then threw them to the wolves.

    The Protection of Lawful Commernce in Arms Act precludes such lawsuits in most cases, shielding gunmakers, retailers, etc, from civil liability when their products are criminally misused by a third party.

    While I can sympathize with the couple over the loss of their daughter, the business that supplied the ammunition was not responsible for Holmes' actions--Holmes was.
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    Endless metaphors. You cannot sue Dodge for a driver plowing your kid.

    Selling hate to short-circuit grief is an easy exploit. It's been used by the biggest scumbags that have ever existed and it's very telling that the Brady bunch aren't afraid to exploit grieving parents.

    At this juncture, I seriously doubt the have the emotional fuel to expose the Brady bunch
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