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OK Governor Veto's Constitutional Carry

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  • OK Governor Veto's Constitutional Carry

    A redder than red state Governor veto's constitutional carry?

    Why would that happenI I ask myself, it doesn't make sense

    For just a moment I let myself forget that everything is about money

    I shouldn't have done that

    Currently, a license is required in the state to carry both open and concealed. The department which issues these permits mentioned that if the bill were passed, they would lose $4.7 Million and 60 full time jobs as a result.
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    In another thread Gerhad1 notes that the OSRA opposed the bill. It passed with a veto-proof majority BUT the legislature adjourned and went home. They probably assumed it would not need to over-ride.

    But it will likely pass next year.
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    The people think the Constitution protects their rights; But government sees it as an obstacle to be overcome.
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      If I understand correctly Fallin ran on a promise to pass constitutional carry, but is a lame duck with no repercussions.
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