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Could You Have Drawn Your Pistol

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    Originally posted by Ace View Post
    Went ahead and watched the video; gotta wonder--what happened outside, after they were off camera? Why did the husky guy come out of the back empty-handed? Why didn't the lady stay back and keep the child safe(er)? Had 911 been called at that point? Why didn't the victim shove the bad guy away and access his pistol from the vaunted AIWB? (OK, that last one was just to poke a little fun.) But if we're MMQB'ing, those are some of the questions a good MMQB'er would come up with. Ace2
    Lol, I don't think you watched the video.

    The GG made repeated attempts to push the BG away and/or hold him at one arms reach but unlike the rangisms youre familiar with it's a little more difficult when dealing with someone whos actually resisting. You are a prime example of why FoF evaluation is important/valuable.

    He did eventually drawn his pistol from centerline once he had the opportunity to. The BG retreating afforded him this opportunity.

    Could GG have drawn during tue struggle. I believe so but his instinct to defend against the strikes from the pistol was his focus. We have seen this in various other videos.

    I belief the OPs purpose for the post was to give an example of the realities of personal defense for the #pewpew just shoot'em crowd who thinks theyre just going to draw their handgun and start shooting. Hoodie guy took a beating most couldn't and BG wasn't really even trying.
    Failure is an opportunity to learn.