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Baltimore School Board Disarms Cops

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  • Baltimore School Board Disarms Cops

    I don't know if this means city police or just school police.

    In any event, I think it's dumb.

    ETA I looked it up and found that the school district has it's own police.
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    Kinda takes the pressure off the school cop

    If that infinitesimal possibility does occur the cop can hide like everyone else and no one can say he didn't do his job

    No lawsuits or politics

    Everything is about money
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      The tired old idea that no gun = unarmed is defeatist.
      Failure is an opportunity to learn.


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        Maybe the insane school killer won't come to school with a weapon? Na, we know that killers are not stupid and they are more likely to come to school if they know that nobody will be armed at the school.
        The killers are frustrated, unable to get a date or a car [ same thing? ] so all they can think of is killing the girls who would not date him and maybe the boys who were getting the girls.

        The school board members never got any either so they are unable to understand.

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          This shouldn't surprise anyone, after their mayor let the city be partly destroyed during the anti-cop rioting.


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            Wasn't Baltimore where TPTB said 'Give them a place to riot, get it out of their systems'? Ace2
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              Originally posted by Ace View Post
              Wasn't Baltimore where TPTB said 'Give them a place to riot, get it out of their systems'? Ace2
              YUP!! Then they tried to walk back what she said, but she used the word "destroy" in her first statement, so the walk back doesn't hold water.
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