The video shows a vulnerable female, but there are other vulnerable people such as the disabled and seniors

As I am rapidly becoming more and more senior and with that becoming more vulnerable and a target this is of interest and should be to my fellow seniors as well

Along with parking garages elevators make me uncomfortable

From Ellifritz with a link to Correia

Greg Ellifritz

36 mins

I hope this video serves as a solid wake up call for the folks who need it. A lot of people (especially women) that I train have one of only two possible responses: "I'd just run away" or "I'll just comply and give him what he wants."

What if "what he wants" is to knock you unconscious before you even know an attack was taking place?

How well do you think you can run away while trapped in an elevator?

You MUST have alternatives other than running or compliance. The criminals don't think the same way you do.