Actually this is just a quick overview not just the fight itself but what lead up to it

I would guess most people who even do a light study are aware of the story

I'll put up the link if you want to read it

For our study the only part of the article worth reading,

"Perhaps the most interesting thing is 30 shots were fired with only about 10 hits—at a distance of only 6 to 10 feet away. That means two-thirds of the bullets fired went sailing off down the street. It's a wonder innocent bystanders weren't hit. Clearly, everyone was point shooting. This is similar to some reports of modern shootings, where everyone empties their guns yet achieve only a few hits. When your life is in danger, it is very difficult to make yourself focus on your front sight, but you must if you expect to make your shots count."

30 rounds fired with 10 hits at 10 feet not a lot different than what we see today

Weapons change, people don't