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  • "Home Defense, Done Right"

    By Attorney Andrew Branca / July 18, 2019
    "Todayís post is about South Carolina resident Antwain Moton, who successfully and lawfully defended his home against an intruder this past Sunday night. There are two facets of this case that are particularly notable."

    "First, the remarkable degree to which Mr. Moton did it right. So many of the cases we cover at Law of Self Defense involve people who simply did it wrong that itís a genuine pleasure when a defenderís conduct actually dots all the iís and crosses all the tís. Incidentally, in all likelihood Mr. Moton has no formal training in self-defense lawóbut he has excellent judgment (with one notable exception)."

    A couple of things stood out to me

    The interviewer ask Moton what he was thinking when this was occurring and Moton replied, "Why me, what's going on"

    The interviewer also ask if Moton knew where he was firing, Moton said that he didn't

    If you listen to very many interviews these are almost always the answers you will hear

    Fear, panic and chaos

    When Rob Pincus tells us train for what the "body does naturally" this is why

    A good interview from Moton and good breakdown by Branca

    If you want to watch this do it soon, Branca only leaves up for a short time
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    It was of limited value to me as the video did not have captioning, but the accompanying article was excellent. This was a good example of how to do it.
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