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"The Process is the Punishment"

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  • "The Process is the Punishment"

    The link is from Ellifritz

    "The Process is the Punishment"


    So, about 6 years with the Sword of Damocles hanging over his head. Just to get a new trial, not to be found Not Guilty or have the verdict set aside with prejudice.

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    From the linked article:

    What was the proximate cause of the whole incident? Going outside to investigate some sounds he heard. The platitude goes, “If you wouldn’t go there without a gun, why would you go there with a gun?”

    Although I generally try to refrain from using platitudes, in this case it applies. Would he have gone over to the fight without his gun? Call 911, stay inside, and be a good witness. There is rarely any good reason for a Private Citizen to leave their home to do an investigation. The potential for a Negative Outcome is high and there is no upside for doing so.
    I agree with this.
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      Protect your bedroom and family by staying with them. Your TV and other stuff is likely insured.
      Collect your family in a safe room and call te police [911] and cops will eventually arrive with body armor,

      Tell the 911 operator that you have your family [ state number ], sex and age. Say you're armed. Saying you are armed will make the cops arrive sooner.
      Stay on your phone Tell the operator how you think the prowler is trying to enter. Knocking, breaking a door open, broken glass. When the cops are on the scene have the operator tell you it is police at your door. Don't shoot a cop!
      The people think the Constitution protects their rights; But government sees it as an obstacle to be overcome.
      If your religion says suicide and murder are wrong; Aren't you doing both if you are not prepared to defend your life and the lives of others?
      I am not a lawyer, but I have personal opinions.