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From Ellifritz - “I Saw an Opportunity and I Took It.”

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  • From Ellifritz - “I Saw an Opportunity and I Took It.”

    Interesting article

    BG's aren't always out HUNTING per se but if an opportunity presents itself, well..........

    And the BG's don't care

    He “saw an opportunity” and took it. He took a college girl’s only means of transportation, because he didn’t want to be inconvenienced by a long walk.

    This is what most folks don’t understand about serious criminals. The fact that the victim of the crime would be affected in a negative manner is not even an afterthought. Your feelings and concerns mean absolutely NOTHING to the criminal. He doesn’t care if you live or die, let alone how “inconvenienced” you will be if he takes all of your stuff or beats you within an inch of your life. If you literally had ZERO concern about the well being of your neighbors and fellow humans, what kind of atrocities would you be capable of committing? That’s something that few people consider.

    Unfortunately, the majority of the hard core criminals I encounter feel the same way. You are literally nothing more than an obstacle they must overcome to achieve their goal. Most of the serious criminals out there think you and I are merely pawns on the chessboard of life. They will destroy everything you know and love if it means that they will benefit in the wake of the destruction. You are completely expendable in their eyes.

    "I suppose it's tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail...." ~Abraham Maslow~

    "Skill makes you harder to kill" ~ Unknown

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    This is why I have no issue shooting someone in the back.

    Most at of the folks here are nice people who have never sat down and chatted with human filth.
    Originally posted by kscardsfan
    Grain of salt hell, I'm taking it with a salt block from the feed store. Thats a big bunch of crap there.

    QUOTE=mjkeat;n1101496]****ing stupid.[/QUOTE]


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      I shared this story quite a bit.

      I'm sure some of us have been is spots where we did things we never thought we'd do to survive. Nothing to be proud of but it's human nature.
      Failure is an opportunity to learn.


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        Criminals look at the person who has $1 more than they have as a viable target. The really rich have professional armed guards or even LEO guards at taxpayer expense.
        The homeless man or woman with a shoes or a rain coat is a good victim.

        Be alert all the time unless you're behind locked doors with an alarm or with alert friends. Anybody wearing clothes has to be assumed to be armed and dangerous. COPS who forget this often get in trouble on a "safe traffic stop."

        Three Nuns in habits may be a gang in drag escaping from a bank robbery.

        THere is no defense to an "accidental" shooting. IANAL but it isn't wrong or illegal to deliberately shoot a bad guy in the back to save another person's life. Proper, safe gun handling should avoid accdents. Claiming "I shoot him buy accident [ on accident, seems to be the phrase ] is just a confessin.
        The people think the Constitution protects their rights; But government sees it as an obstacle to be overcome.
        If your religion says suicide and murder are wrong; Aren't you doing both if you are not prepared to defend your life and the lives of others?
        I am not a lawyer, but I have personal opinions.