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Appleseed Rifle Training in Kansas

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  • I called Ben a few weeks back, there will be some changes coming, but they are planning on having more shoots.
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    • March 10 - Hutch

      March 18 - Eureka

      Check with 4bfox for more info. I think there are shoots every month in Eureka
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      • Thanks, Keith! Sorry guys, I've been otherwise occupied for a while. The Kansas Instructor crew is now aligned with USRA (United States Rifleman's Association). They will allow us infinitely more options, such as offering pistol and shotgun training and shoots in addition to rifle.

        USRA is affiliated with NRA AND CMP. At present, we're running monthly American Marksmanship clinics in Eureka and other towns as scheduled. The AM clinic is a one-day event teaching basic rifle marksmanship, similar to what we did last year. Once we get things rolling, we'll be able to do CMP and NRA clinics and shoots. Whatever clinic we're holding requires a lead Instructor that is NRA certified in that discipline...rifle, pistol, shotgun. I have high hopes for this program, and think it will go viral this year!

        Their site is here:

        If anyone has questions, post here or drop me a PM.

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        • We have never received your 2012 schedule or shoot flyers for the KSRA website. We would be happy to post them as we did in 2011 if you send them.
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          • To avoid confusion, this thread is being closed. A new one with the new association title has been started here:
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