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MRE from military commisary or px

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  • MRE from military commisary or px

    Not sure if they carry these or not as I have never been in the military ( attempted to enlist in the navy, but a bad eye disqualifed me) . Anyone know if they carry them and how much they are? My brother in law is a disabled marine ( va pension) and just starting to get into prepping. THought about getting some.

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    The Ft. Leavenworth Commissary had some a while back, couple months ago. I think they were around $12 each. That was the 1st and only time I've seen them in the commissary. I've never seen them for sale in the PX.

    You can get surplus of of Amazon for around $85 per case.
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      Thanks. That is not a bad price if its shipped. Bye the way am i the only one having a hard time navagating the site since they changed it?