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  • The Sucker Punch

    First, much respect for Douglas

    That said, maybe he can pull this off

    I doubt if I can, by the time I realize there is punch on the way, trying to get my arms into the position he demonstrates, I dunno

    I think I like Blauer's material better

    I get that this isn't about firearms so it will have limited interest for the gun guys but consider that in the last month or so I have read of two incidents where people have died from from being punched and as result of the punch the victims have fallen and hit their heads on the concrete/asphalt

    There was also the incident in NO caught on video of a man caught unawares being punched and face plants on the sidewlk, very disturbing, I haven't heard if he ever woke up

    Being the "best shot" on the planet is useless if you can't get to the gun
    "I suppose it's tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail...." ~Abraham Maslow~

    "Skill makes you harder to kill" ~ Unknown

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    We need to be aware of this.

    There was a video posted some time ago of a guy try ing to block punches from a machine at varied distances to demonstrate reaction and likelihood of being able to block the punch. I will add, being able to block the ouch doesn't mean it won't cause damage or even keep it from knocking you unconscious.
    Failure is an opportunity to learn.