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    Video can be useful, photos too.
    Failure is an opportunity to learn.


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      Originally posted by mjkeat View Post

      What's the most stable platform in which to shoot?

      What angle creates the most drastic change in relationship between two objects?/QUOTE]

      1) Prone. Or bench. Yeah, let's go with bench.
      2) Downward, or upward.

      (Don't waste your time. I don't care...)

      It's not a waste of time and is very much worth exploring

      Using CCW as our premise

      While going prone or shooting from a postion that resembles shooting from a Bench is possible, for the sake of this conversation let's put them aside for the now

      I have liked an athletic stance, a stance that closely resembles that of a boxers stance, I believe that it offers the best balance, forward, back and side. We live our lives in a 360 degree world, when fighting, having balance in all directions is something to be considered. That said, for a stance that is used purely for shooting we see the very best shooters using a stance that resembles an "Isosceles" and now I see more bend at the waist and the shoulders are rolled up

      Since the majority of my practice is shooting while moving and given that I start my drills from walking, stance is less important for me than for the shooter who always shoots from a stationary position

      Looking at angles, we see debate

      If we shoot from a stationary Isosceles a simple step to the side takes us off our opponents muzzle and puts us in our favored shooting position

      If we take a forward diagonal angle our opponent will have to move his pistol a little more than with the step to the side but our shooting position might not as favorable

      If we continue moving, a 45 degree angle will keep our opponents muzzle off us a little longer than continuous 90 degree movment. Whether that difference is enough to matter........dunno

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