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"Why No Groin Strikes"

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  • "Why No Groin Strikes"

    First up is the Facebook post from Dave Spaulding

    (I'm having trouble with the link, you can go to Spauldings facebook page and read it for yourself or just take my word for it)

    "I teach the groin strike in my Critical Space Combative Pistol course as away to gain time to disengage and draw" ~ Dave Spaulding

    Spaulding also says that he agree's that a groin strike doesn't work everytime

    Next up is the video that Spaulding is referencing

    The instructor in this video is Cecil Burch

    "My biggest reason not to teach that stuff is it's not consistant in it's results" ~ Cecil Burch

    Okay, my take

    Both Dave Spaulding and Cecil Burch are highly respected and skilled instructors and neither are wrong but on the whole I'll have to side with Spauding

    I have no doubt that every man reading this forum has been hit in the balls, some of us multiple times

    If you have played sports, boxed or done martial arts it happens a lot

    Chances are you didn't drop to the ground screaming in pain

    But did it throw you off your game for just a moment, did it make you flinch, chances are it did

    You probably powered through but for just a moment your focus wasn't quite what it was

    That is what Spaulding want's, that half a second flinch

    The BG's focus shifts from what he is doing to you to what is happening to him

    If you have trained and practiced a half second might make the difference

    As for "it's not consistant in it's results", we have to ask, what is

    Watch a boxing match, the punch that lands with most consistency is the jab, it works about half the time

    Watch an MMA fight, we see escapes from locks and chokes

    Watch very many Live Leak videos of gunfights and we see bullets fail to stop people with alarming regularity

    Same for knives

    Same for clubs

    Same for pepper spray

    Same for Tasers

    Same for etc.......etc.............................

    Everything works sometimes but nothing works everytime

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