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  • Stacking

    I was watching a video clip of a firearm class, in this video the student was standing facing a target, the student turned to his right, drew his pistol, began moving and shot 3 targets as he passed in front of them

    Since I don't know the purpose of the drill this is not meant as a critique

    But it did get me to thinking about "stacking" and how I don't remember the topic ever being discussed here

    There is a very good chance that if you are a victim of street crime you will be facing multiple opponents

    In this scenario we need to stack our opponents

    Stacking is done just the opposite of video described above

    For clarity, the GG is standing across from 3 BG's

    The GG engages a BG on the end and moves in that direction

    If this were to be done perfectly, the GG would now be facing the BG who was in the center and has been forced to turn and the BG on the other end also having to turn would be directly behind the center BG, they would be stacked

    Of course that perfect outcome is all but impossible, people move, but what it does do is buy time (think OODA Loop) and put's the GG in a more advantageous position

    I looked for video but couldn't find on

    If this isn't being taught in classes these days that really sucks
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