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The odds and stakes of home protection

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  • The odds and stakes of home protection

    "The odds that the bump in the night are an intruder are low. Iíve calculated them at three percent but I can accept other numbers. More likely, itís an innocent party. How many of us have investigated a bump in the night as compared to how many of us have then found someone who needed shooting? The stakes are very high, the life of a loved one or innocent party. Some localities are now prosecuting Mistaken Identity shootings as Manslaughter or Second Degree Murder. Even when there are no legal consequences, the psychological toll will most likely be for a lifetime."

    We have talked before about layered security, lights, locks, alarms, ect.

    This is why I think dogs are important, chances are they will know if a person in the house should be there before we humans will

    After a while you will learn what your dogs bark means and that can better help you

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    I have heard on the forum of someone putting cheap led night lights for inside there house. Kinda sounded like a smart idea. I havenít tried it yet but I could see the merits


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      Got dogs, got alarm system, got deadbolts.

      IF someone breaks into my house with dog treats, chances are good the dogs are leaving with them and possibly helping them carry my chit out.

      Agree 100% that target ID is paramount in HD, both to avoid the fratricide issues and to avoid shooting someone that doesn't need to be shot.

      Don't know about ambient light (LED stuff) as that's a 2 way thing. I prefer a combination of WMLs and HHs. I've taken several low-light classes (long gun and handgun) and shot a bunch of LL stages. Hands down prefer a WML, there's a reason we can't use them in matches. I've set up stages at my place using both, and after the 1st run through with the WMLs we switch to HHs cause it's just too easy.
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        Don't be a bad decision making dip**** and go trying to clear your house, problem solved.

        Most people can't make good decisions under normal conditions let alone when they're ambushed inside their own home because the BGs heard them coming and hid in waiting. But I know my floor plan better than anyone. And? What does that matter? If you think they aren't listening for you and/or can't hear you coming? Think again.

        Handheld lights are better then weapon mounted lights. Split times/speed isn't the most important reason or characteristic for making the decision on one or the other. Using some B.S. shooting comp. stages to make gear decisions for self defense is silly. Context!!!!!! It's simple commonsense.

        I mentioned putting the cheap LED night lights throughout my home. It's such an inexpensive and simple solution. Pet rock type stuff. You know those ideas that are so good and so simple you scratch your head when you hear about them because you never thought about it? Same thing. I stole the idea so I can't take credit.

        Reading your dog. There's more to it than knowing their different barks. The way a dog paces, their body language, etc. can tell us a lot.

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