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"The "What If" Game! When your out on a stroll with the Ms!"

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  • "The "What If" Game! When your out on a stroll with the Ms!"

    From Lovell

    The most likely situation for the CCW

    He give some possible solutions

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    This is thought provoking. Unless trained out of me, my instinct would be to step between the threat and family. I think the best tactic would be yell run to your family as you start moving and drawing to the opposite side of the family but another thought would be going with the instinct to step between yelling run and drawing as you continue to move in and to the side of the threat. Either way, the threat has the drop on you and you hope you can stay in the fight long enough to make a difference. Because of the blood and intent to harm, I don't like the submission tactic. If you thought they were robbing then maybe drawing a coin or wallet to throw on the ground as you draw and the family should be turning and hauling *** regardless.
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      Getting "off the x" is not moving in-line with the attack. As we've discussed numerous times moving in-line does nothing to effect the attackers ability to harm you. This is the second video posted in the last month +/- where he does this.

      I'd like someone to explain how each of those options are equal and how not a single one is better than the others. After saying, whatever works best for you, he has obviously formulated a sequential good, better and best option. You can tell by the way he approaches each possible response.
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