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"More Than CCW: Self-Defense Beyond the Firearm"

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  • "More Than CCW: Self-Defense Beyond the Firearm"

    A brief but good article for those interested in self defense

    "I noticed that students who drew a gun (in this case we were using pistols that fired paint-marking simunition rounds) in a close-quarters situation would rarely, if ever, get off a useful shot at their opponent, even though their opponent was quite literally within armís reach. The rough-and-tumble nature of a close-quarters situation meant that it may not be possible to draw a concealed firearm in time to dealt with a threat, or it could be wrestled away, out of the fight, and became irrelevant to the outcome."
    "I suppose it's tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail...." ~Abraham Maslow~

    "Skill makes you harder to kill" ~ Unknown

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    Lies as it goes against the bullseye like easy to anticipate plate rack shooting scenario I've always envisioned.
    Failure is an opportunity to learn.