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Center Mass in a Three-Dimensional World

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  • Center Mass in a Three-Dimensional World

    "Since the term Center Mass is most often associated with the center of the chest, or the Thoracic Cavity, it has become the functional definition even though it is incorrect under many circumstances".

    If you do FOF you discover quickly that the typically thought of COM is really a square range term and has limited use for anything other than scoring a shooting match, A's B's and the like

    Why you ask, because almost always where our opponents COM is now isn't where it was a second ago, PEOPLE MOVE, and they move quickly

    This where we get the false illusion of COM, because of our typical practice and the targets we use our opponent is always squared up and presenting the best possible COM

    Give the article a read

    "I suppose it's tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail...." ~Abraham Maslow~

    "Skill makes you harder to kill" ~ Unknown