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    He said to question things so I'm going to.

    In the video he covers assessment. The scan parody he performs is on the money of what many do. People game the assessment turning it into what I consider nothing more than a scan or otherwise nothing more than going through the motions. Little to no information is gathered. It's basically turned into a rangism so people can get back to their holster because we all know whomever is first to register wins the drill.

    He then goes on to demo how he thinks it should be done.

    My question, why stay on the target for so long considering it's been incapacitated? If the threat remains why did he stop shooting? Why close distance? Why ignore the possible presence of additional threats to focus on a threat you've incapacitated? Why are you not utilizing better bio mechanics? Because they're not needed in that scenario? Then why are you using your sights and seemingly applying the level of skill you're applying to get hits? Check your work through your sights? Well what if your sights werent needed to get the hits? Why does ypur finger appear to remain on the trigger while performing what you call a scan and asses? Have you heard of the clench response? Why no movement during presentation? Have you heard of visualization?
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    Pretty much everything he talks about is because of him fighting from static

    Pat Mac appears not to have bought into movement, at least not to the degree of some others

    He isn't alone, Lovell is the same as are most Gunsite guys

    Tomorrow I will post a Lovell FOF video

    Given Pat Mac's background I'm guessing he trains and practices primarily for PROACTIVE engagements

    If he were moving much of what he talked about wouldn't carry the same weight

    His scan is interesting, if his scan was to check what's behind him from his shot to him turning to scan was about 4 seconds

    That's kind of a long time to give someone a chance to attack you
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