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    Originally posted by Ace View Post

    Tom, you don't seem to understand yet. 'Real world' doesn't count, no matter how well it works, if it goes against TMK's philosophy, opinion. or theories.

    Also, it seems you are starting to get it. Come over to the 'Yes Master' side, and you will be--I dunno--accepted as a true believer?

    In the FWIW column, I prefer leather, too. It has always worked BITD, and still does. Ace2
    When you say "real world" what exactly are you referring to? When you refer to real world experience specifically dealing with yourself what exactly are you refering to? Your time as a cop or...?
    Failure is an opportunity to learn.


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      Originally posted by Not so big Tom View Post
      Deerhunter, I am a leather guy, but found Crossbreed let me do a kydex outer shell comfortably. If you don’t like it, they will eat it. The seem to get better with time though.
      I used a crossbreed super tuck without combat cut for my p228. Most comftorable holster. width if belt clips with decent belt works wonders.....
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