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"A Stark Reminder to Keep Your Defensive Firearm Chambered"

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  • "A Stark Reminder to Keep Your Defensive Firearm Chambered"

    I can't believe this is still an issue but given that the date stamp is 10/14/2016 I suppose it is

    Simple solution, if you are so afraid of your pistol that you can't bring yourself to keep a round chambered then get a revolver

    I can't say for certain that if the person in the video would have had a round chambered he would have lived but not having round chambered didn't help his chances

    Also, this thing about, "You can't draw on a gun that's drawn on ya", that's BS, unless your still living in the 1970's Toe The Line, Look At Your Sights and Press The Trigger nonsense

    Anyway, a video on how not to do it

  • ricco
    Why he ran straight toward the BG with what was in essence an empty gun is a mystery

    People do strange things under stress especially when there is nothing burned in

    In one of is books Professional Hunter Peter Hathaway Capstick wrote about a client who when aiming at a lion ran the bolt on his rifle until it was empty without firing a shot. He couldn't understand how he missed. When Capstick told him what he had done the client didn't believe him, he was certain he was firing and wasn't convinced until he was shown the rounds.

    Repetition, repetition.................

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  • mjkeat
    It's unfortunate that this still a thing. The same can be said about the absence of movement and proper movement. It's ****ing 2019 and every training facility and instructor worth a **** has been teaching proper movement for at least a decade or since they've been teaching if they've been teaching for less than that amount of time. This dude got shot up because of lack of training or improper training. Think about it and answer the obvious question, are you developing the proper skills?

    As I like to say this subject is extremely important and we see yet another example why. Go ahead and make excuses. Yep so and so once survived and tuey didn't have any training. That's awesome and I'm very happy for them. Can you predict the level of skill you'll need should you be forced to defend yourself? I can't.

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