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Fighting in Confined Spaces and the Clinch Pick

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  • Fighting in Confined Spaces and the Clinch Pick

    Craig Douglas and John Lovell talk about and demo the "Clinch Pick"

    There is a lot of good information in this video that goes beyond using Douglas's knife, it is worth a watch

    Let's just kinda hit the high spots of using a knife for SELF DEFENSE

    A Prosecutor for a large metropolitan city was at a seminar and told us that she had never in her career prosecuted or even heard of two people fighting with knives

    Does that mean that fights between two people both armed with knives never happen, no, but what it does mean it that they are so rare that practicing "knife fighting" or "Dueling" is a waste of time if SELF the goal

    So let's look at SELF DEFENSE using a knife

    When using a knife for SELF DEFENSE think hands and arms as targets

    As they said in the video, think of the knife as a "Get off me!" weapon that let's you transition to an ESCAPE

    There is a reason so much energy, effort, time and thought went into hand and arm protection back in the day when the primary weapons were knives and swords

    If you can't hold a weapon due to damage to your hand or arm you become less of a threat and the same holds true for a person trying hold on to you as Lovell and Douglas demonstrate in the video
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