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Evade, Barricade, Respond Appropriately

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  • mjkeat
    started a topic Evade, Barricade, Respond Appropriately

    Evade, Barricade, Respond Appropriately

    It is tragic when heroic people get killed while trying to stop evil... but, it is far less tragic than teaching our kids to cower and be slaughtered. The country turned a corner after the Killings at Sandy Hook when we finally stopped preaching nothing but “hide & hope” in the Lockdown Strategies born after Columbine.

    We are seeing people successfully EVADE, BARRICADE AND FIGHT more and more often. We are also seeing more use of medical equipment and training in the immediate aftermath of mass violence. Reversing those trends is nonsensical.

    Learn more about armed or unarmed Responses to Active Killers at or through School Attacker Response Course.

  • ricco
    One of comments mentioned Paris, I'm guessing the reference was to the Bataclan Theater

    Of course few if any mass casualty events would ever resemble what happened at Bataclan but we can never be sure

    For those on the fence about what to do should they find themselves in such an incident I suggest you read about what happened to the victims in the Bataclan Theater

    If after reading what happened and you are still on the fence nothing i can say would ever convince you what is the appropriate action to take

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