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“Calling the Shots” Self-Defense Law Q&A Show"

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  • “Calling the Shots” Self-Defense Law Q&A Show"

    Really good show and well worth your time if you have an in SELF DEFENSE

    The questions asked and answered by attorney Andrew Branca
    • Can being on Area 51 & other gun sites be held against you in court
    • How much defensive force against a bare-handed attacker?
    • Importance of having non-deadly defensive options
    • Effectiveness (or lack thereof) of OC spray
    • Is a “monkeyball” considered a deadly weapon
    • Any object can be a deadly weapon, depending on its use
    • Does “Castle Doctrine” apply to state “X”
    • California is a stand-your-ground state!
    • Force against multiple attackers, only one of whom is using deadly force
    • Different defensive options for older, handicapped defenders?
    • Consequences if use defensive force in a manner employer doesn’t like
    • Defensive force options against someone attempting to enter home
    • Best legally-recommended tool for self-defensive
    • Does the caliber of the defensive firearm matter in court?
    • “If X scenario, am I ‘allowed’ to use my gun to defend the victim?”
    • Defense of ‘others’ who are not strangers (family, friends, colleagues)
    • Is possible to use a gun in a non-deadly manner?
    • Legal risks of using impact weapons for self-defense (e.g., ASP baton)
    • Use of deadly force against a non-deadly force attack: ever legal?
    • Dangers of getting into fights you don’t need to get into: death/prison
    • Texas Penal Code 9.42: use of deadly force in defense of property
    • Risks of learning self-defense law from NRA magazine “Armed Citizen” column
    • Dangers of relying on the favorable discretion of the authorities
    • Risks/benefits of holding a bad guy at gunpoint for the police
    • Bad guy running away is a great way to “win a fight”
    • Case of the Week: When the Taser goes bang
    • Reckless conduct defined
    "I suppose it's tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail...." ~Abraham Maslow~

    "Skill makes you harder to kill" ~ Unknown