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Fight back to your Feet, with Craig Douglas

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  • Fight back to your Feet, with Craig Douglas

    Good stuff here

    Given that my primary interest these days are senior citizens I will focus on that here, you young guys are on your own

    If you have broken the 60 year old mark you have probably discovered that maybe your balance isn't what it once was

    You have probably also discovered that getting up off the floor isn't as easy as it once was

    Combine the above with the older we get the more we look like BG food and we see a very real problem

    I don't necessarily agree with the current contention that all fights go to ground but the older we get the greater the possibility that we will fall during a physical confrontation cannot be overlooked

    You can't just watch this and hope to pull it off while a thug is putting the boots to you, you have to practice

    Start doing some regular stretching exercises, most civic centers have a senior Yoga class you can take advantage of, swallow your pride and go, the TV and your easy chair will still be there when you get home

    Also, once again we see the value of a air soft pistol for practicing self defense, trying to practice this live fire will likely send a bullet over the berm

    Get an air soft pistol and you can practice most anywhere where there is nothing breakable


    Wear real shoes

    For the senior a good lug sole and and ankle support makes you better able to fight
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