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Anybody loading 40 S&W cast bullets with Longshot?

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  • Anybody loading 40 S&W cast bullets with Longshot?

    I'm not new to reloading, but am new to the .40 S&W and am having trouble getting good cast bullet loads that don't lead.

    I have had a Hi-Point JCP for a few years and had some loads made up for it, then I recently got a new S&W M&P 40c.

    My favorite load in the Hi Point is 6.8 grains of Longshot under a Missouri Bullet 180 gr TCFP. Chrony says 1060 fps. Tried it in my M&P and it leads like crazy -- literally strips of lead hanging out the rifling grooves at the muzzle in 10 shots.

    Is there a reason for this difference other than a bore diameter problem in the S&W? I just don't see why it would lead in one gun and not in the other (especially since the S&W is a shorter barrel.)

    I'm thinking the Longshot might just be kind of slow. It's a pretty mild load and might not be obturating the bullet. Might try some loads with the same bullet and a faster powder. Think that might help?

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    It could be the bore finish, could be the exact inside dimetion of the barrel, could be several things.

    I don't load .40. I HAVE used a 9mmP load with Longshot. I changed powders solely to try to reduce smoke, to no avail. In my case it's a lube issue, not a powder issue, will probably have to make that load plated, not bare cast.

    I had huge leading issues out of my original IDPA loading in .45 Auto.

    Went to a far harder Lasercast bullet, and problem ceased immediately.
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      What power level are you trying to achieve? If you just want practice/target loads, Longshot is much too slow (slower than HS-6, WW540, Herco, etc.), and probably isn't "bumping" the bullet base enough to insure a good seal. Any load that allows excessive hot combustion gasses to travel up the side of the bullet will result in lots of leading. Try using HP38, Rex #2, WW231, Green Dot, WST, or Red Dot (all faster powders) with your current crop of lead bullets to see if things don't improve.

      If you're trying for high-power loads, then you'll probably need a harder alloy cast bullet to reduce leading. In that case, use of Longshot should be OK.


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        These bullets are already pretty hard.... BHN = 18. I've loaded rifle with alloy like that!

        I'm trying to get 1000-1050 fps....not for any competitive reason. Just that I want a practice load that recoils similarly to my carry load. I thought that should be easy enough to obtain without leading but maybe not.

        I'm not impressed with the finish of the bore in this S&W. I've seen 70 year old guns that shot corrosive ammo with a nicer bore. If I try faster powder and go down to 900 fps and if it still leads I'm going to blame the barrel and get a drop in replacement. I've got some Titegroup and Universal around for other calibers. Guess I'll try them.

        I have some HS-6 loaded up already. I'll try that. But I've never cared for it. In my Hi-Point it shoots OK but looks like it leaves a fourth of the powder unburned in the bore with loads hot enough to flatten the primer pretty good.
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          I've been using Missouri Bullet Co bullets in .40 with good results over Universal.

          Over on Brian Enos' forums, they've a range of .40 cast recipes posted in the forums. These are, of course, homebrew for the most case, so approach them cautiously.
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            I use clays 4.5 grs on a 135 gr bullet in mine for a Glock 35. You etter have a match barrel because the pressues are great but very accurate.


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              We use 140gr. Bushwacker bullets and Vihtavouri N-340 for 1196fps-1212fps average for 10
              shot strings out of a G-22.The barrel is a stock Glock barrel treated with KG Products KG6 Moly Bore Prep. I've shot over 300 rds through the same pistol in GSSF matches ( 3 Classes)with no leading problems.
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