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  • New S&W Revolver

    I like S&W revolvers and have owned a bunch over the years but this, not so much

    Dunno but the vent rib just looks cheesy


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    As you know, I like wheelguns but that one doesn't do anything for me either.
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      S&W marketing jockey, “”Everybody wants a Python. Must be the vent rib....slap one on a 686!””

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        Looks overdone. The inflated cykinder and rib might have some benefit on the 500 and 460, — give you enough mass to cut recoil. — but just looks trashy on the 686.
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          Maybe, possibly, with a full under lug, dump the science fiction cylinder latch, and in .44Spl or Magnum (I'd prefer the SPL). Otherwise, no. Ace2
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            I’m at a loss leaving the cylinder unfluted for weight, then carving off half the barrel rib and underlug. Makes me all WTF, like lightening slots in a GLOCK slide. Makes me glad I bought my 686 in the ‘80s.
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              One sort-of last thought: The front sight is interchangeable? Does that mean it will fall off at the wrong time per Murphy's law? I would bet yes.