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  • sig kilo 1250 range finder

    I recently ordered a sig kilo range finder from cabbalas. Im wondering is this enough range finder? How far can a reasonably expect to shoot a deer/ squirrel/ ect. . . most m shots have been 300 yards or less on all game. How much will this range finder help and should I get the sig kilo 2000 which can range deer up to 1200 yards?

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    'Should I....' is pretty subjective. Do you want it? Will it have any practical use? Even if it doesn't, do you still want it?

    Vast majority of hunters probably don't otta be shooting at deers over a couple hundred yards, some maybe out to 300---rifle hunting, not bow hunting. Bow hunting, most ethical hunters don't normally shoot past 25-30 yards, nor should they. Some few make 40-50 yard shots, and do it successfully sometimes. I disagree with that, but they don't ask me permission. Many of them don't consider the travel time for an arrow, and how small a movement a deer needs to make to cause a gut shot or peripheral hit.

    I'd like to have a range finder that reaches out 1200+ yards, just for the fun of knowing how far out of range some targets would be for me. Mine will do about 600-800 yards, which is more than I need; I still have fun with it. Ace2
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