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    I had to look this up.

    An 870 Competition Trap shotgun.
    What do you get when you take an 870 pump and splice it with an 1100's gas syatem under the full length fore end, and make it a single shot.

    The Remington 870 Competition Trap.

    There's how you split the fore end, not gas dumped past the shell into the receiver, but blown directly into the 1100 gas system under the wood.
    THAT might crack a fore end.
    Gone. Good riddance.
    Watch the **** storm continue without me.


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      The two men had unmodified Remington 870 pump guns with the long foreend. The store owner. Thomas W. Hoopes, Jr died of old age about 1975. Bill Wheeler moved to Wisconsin 30 some years ago and last I heard he has also died of old age.
      The foreends were not shattered or splintered, just split. The AA cases actually failed. They were not "once fire" but experiences. The load bar was for 700X and 1-1/8 oz of shot. But the load that was dropped was almost a double charge.
      With a proper charge bar the Hodgdon ball shotgun powder worked great. It was dense and Mr. Hoopes had bought a 100 pound barrel.
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