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    I got a new concealed carry pistol this weekend. Kimber Micro 9 Raptor. 7+1 rounds with the extended mag. The mag allows me to get all my fingers on the grip. I have not carried it yet. Need to get comfortable drawing it. Ambi safety as I'm a lefty. Standard night sights, ambi safety as well as the extended mag come with the Raptor model.

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    Nice, but what do I know? Does Kimber still require 200 round break in?
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    Grain of salt hell, I'm taking it with a salt block from the feed store. Thats a big bunch of crap there.

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      Pretty, little gun. And I admire your courage, getting a 1911-ish pistol with a safety switch without permission from our local 'expert'--at least I'm presuming you didn't ask permission. Next thing we know, you'll be carrying it in a leather holster. But at least it's in the approved caliber.

      All that is just for humor's sake. Congratulations on a new 'serious-purpose toy'. Ace2
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        Very nice gun..With over 100 years of service.

        The trigger all others try to copy and fail.

        Wood and steel makes for a Beautiful Gun
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          It's pretty
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            I'd want at least 200 rounds and 100 from each magazine. Some that means buy 500 rounds of your "favorite" SD load. If the load isn't reliable, buy 500 rounds of something else and or send the gun back to Kimber for service.
            It is a nice looking piece.
            My son has a Kimber CDP II and as I recall KImber says to replace the springs regularly. Recoil and mainspring. The springs are short and seem to fatigue. It should be covered in the manual. You'll probably want 4 or five magazines.

            Recoil spring replacement schedule
            Recoil springs are critical to the proper
            functioning of your Kimber Micro. Kimber
            recommends that you replace the recoil spring
            after every 1,000 rounds for .380 ACP models
            and 1,500 rounds for 9mm models. If you use +P
            ammunition you may need to replace the spring
            more frequently to maintain proper function

            Mainspring & firing pin spring
            replacement schedule
            Replace every 5,000 rounds.

            If you get tired of it, I can only afford $50/ month and not more than a year of payments.
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              Nice, I'd shoot the heck out of it and enjoy it.
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                I would like to see comparative pics with a 1911.
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                  It's a very nice gun. Shoot the hell out of it.
                  I'm probably on the list. Don't laugh. So are you!
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                    Nice to see you're still around.
                    Very nice looking firearm. Hope you enjoy it!
                    Originally posted by mjkeat;
                    The gun you have is better than the gun you don't.


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                      Originally posted by jagdawg View Post
                      Nice to see you're still around.
                      Very nice looking firearm. Hope you enjoy it!
                      Shutup, stupid.
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                        Originally posted by Willfully Armed View Post

                        Shutup, stupid.
                        Watch it azz hat...or I'll put you on ignore too. Lol.
                        Originally posted by mjkeat;
                        The gun you have is better than the gun you don't.