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Sig Sauer P238 Purple review

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  • Sig Sauer P238 Purple review

    Hey guys. Been a long time. I was looking around for someone offering Cerakoting as I don't want to buy the tools or have the mess. But, I figured I'd drop a review while I was here.

    My wife and I were in a local gun shop and saw the Sig 238 Purple. My wife won't do pink, she insisted her blackrifle stay black. But purple and lavender on the other hand she is a sucker for. I looked online to check the prices on GB just to see, and a good deal (not a steal, but the savings offset shipping and transfer and some extra mags) showed up so I entered the minimum bid with maybe half an hour to go and I became the proud owner of a Sig.

    First impression, if you are a Colt/Samuel Moses Browning fan you'll either love it or hate it. It's basically a clone of the mustang with a skeletonized hammer, bobbed single side safety, and with the exception of the absence of a beaver tail grip safety and a barrel bushing it looks like a scale model of a 1911. It is built very well, the action is smooth, and unlike the other guns in its category it isn't polymer in the slightest. Grip angle, mag feed angle and feed ramp style, all the same as a 1911. It's SAO, so it is carried cocked and locked, but with a ball detent for the safety and the bobbed lever I can't see why it would give anyone pause The model I got is finished in a Rhodium rainbow on the safety, mag release, and slide stop. The frame is black and the grip panels and slide are purple.

    As far as function, it's exactly what you'd expect from a gun that is a 1911's built to eat FMJ and I would steer clear of exotic "boutique" loads unless you're willing to run enough of them through to be sure they'll feed. I have always had good luck with Golden Saber and the 92 grain Barnes bullets with the moly coating because the tip is more rounded where it matters. I haven't tried to feed it a bunch of expensive ammo for this review because you can buy 3 first generation LCPs for the price of the P238, but the quality, fit, and finish make it a great gun and mine came with factory Tritium night sights.

    The only thing that'll throw the 1911 shooters is the trigger pull. It is slightly longer with a little rotation and I think that little bit of creep is the only thing that I am not in love with and while it has a nice crisp break it just doesn't feel like what you'd expect from a gun that looks like that.

    All in all, they're pretty spendy at $600 plus, but I can see that gun getting handed down as an heirloom while my polymer pocket pistol will probably fall into the great obscurity of pocket pistols where the 25 Auto and the 32 revolver are. Function wide, they'll probably do their job if I do mine, but comparing a Sig to a low end light weight 380 is apples and oranges.

    That's my 2 cents. I love the thing, and if I'm really nice maybe she'll let me shoot it.

    1911 carrying machine repairing college teaching guy. On hiatus from leather work...too many irons in the fire. Will resume when life permits.

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    Ryan Cheney at FTW for cerakote


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      'Let' you shoot it?! Who's in charge there?

      Oh, wait; you said it's for your wife. My bad. Maybe if you ask nice, you could get one of your own?

      Also, have you looked at the 938, the 9mm version? Just a scoche larger, and an ambi safety switch. Ace2
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        If looks could wife wouldn't need a firearm...and I mean that from the way she can look at you...not her appearance...not her appearance...nope!

        Some people here might eat me up for saying this, but I will.

        I've been down this road. I won't say I'm a Sig fan, though I do like Sig. I won't say I'm a Glock fan, though I carry one/two...G19/G43. I love 1911's and 226's. Both are heavy for carry.

        My wife has been through the gamut(so to speak)...380/9mm...Smith/Sig/Glock/Springer. First and foremost...she really had no aversion between 9mm and 380. Truth is...of the two calibers and different configurations, she did better with the 9mm(mostly)...well, except for a tricked out PPK/S. So, why not 9mm?

        I've been with her on all outings...and even got up in her ear at the range...intentionally making her nervous...barking out BS, directions, and mis-directions. All the time observing how she reacted . My observation...simple and easy is best under stress. This is dated as Smith and Springers have changed a bit...Sig, not so much.

        All things equal and given my wife is losing her grip strength...happens to us all 50+ due to the ravages of age and injury:
        • Sigs(238/938): heavy trigger, by design for a pocket rocket, but accurate despite, 6/7 rounds, 226 just too big
        • Smith M&P Shield(9mm/40S&W): trouble charging, seems the springs were a bit heavier than the rest of the group, did not like 40 though accuracy was good
        • SpringerXD(9mm): nothing about this she liked, the new model ate her girlie hands up...the rest really doesnt matter
        • 1911(Springer, Norinco, W/C): again with the recoil, accuracy was surprisingly good overall, too many things too remember about the safety...when on/off, heavy
        • Walther/Interarms(tricked PPK/S): for whatever reason, muzzle flip...on a 380 no issue for me. Not a stock PPK trigger, just didn't work for her. Not even the most accurate for me...+1 for the insignificant cool factor. Despite, won't ever sell it...don't even carry it, 6/7 rounds
        • Glock(17,19,23,43): hate to say, but I can't say enough. Still didn't like the 40 despite accuracy, 17, 19, 43...ran like a champ...simply, nothing to deal with under stress, point and shoot. Of all tested, was easiest to manipulate the slide and reload. No less safe to carry...than cocked and locked...perhaps safer given circumstances. I've had guys tell me they wouldnt give the wife a gun without a safety...just BS! G17 just too big too carry for her
        • Others never considered: wheel guns and mouse guns(Ruger, DB, yadda, yadda)
        I've said it before and I'll say it again...doesn't matter what I want/like to carry...ultimately, if I go down or whatever reason she needs to use my heater: Glock for the win. They've relegated my Sig to the safe, for ranging, or man time, or whatever excuse you want....1911's the grand scheme of things.

        Just my opinion: let FTW paint her a Glock...43 or 19 or both...tiger-striped purple if she wants. 1911's should never be purple!

        That said...I have a 938 you can PM me about...or not.
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          I'm happy with the 238...and to me, it's a light trigger pull as it's a SAO Colt Mustang/Pocketlite style and my only complaint about it is it's a little squishy compared to the really short, light trigger on a 1911.

          I know Ryan from my car days, long ago, so I'll see him about Cerakote...I have a 1911 made by Armscor that was cheap (on sale plus I bought the display, so I got a discount on a discount) but the nitride finish on the slide and around the grips will pick up little bits of flash rust even when I treat it with CLP and I've tried other wonder products and other than putting carnauba wax on it or something I can't think of a better solution for preventing corrosion than a Cerakote finish. I'm not looking for a fancy finish, I just don't want to have to worry about carrying it in the summer and having the gun under my shirt in 100 degree weather with 99% humidity. I used to carry a stainless before I had brain surgery and sold it because my neurosurgeon was $50K/hr before insurance and I met my catastrophic deductible in one afternoon. Picked up the Armscor when I dug out of that hole and just want to coat the exterior of the frame and slide.

          My wife is a serious shooter, and I did look at the 239 but she was enamored of the purple 238 with the rainbow finish hardware and while it's spendy compared to what I would buy personally (I have an original LCP Custom that I paid a shade under $200 for new) such as the LCP II or the Glock 42 which manages to still look manly while being a pocket sized 380, I really recommend the compact 238/239 Sig pistol. If you're comfortable with carrying cocked and locked and you can spare the coin, it's an awesome pistol that's solid metal yet not too heavy and even with a truncated grip it's got good balance and it isn't as "snappy" as its polymer counterparts because of the weight. Me, I'll stick to my LCP at least until I find a subcompact 1911 in 9mm that doesn't cost more than your average boutique Government sized 1911.

          Thanks for the recommendation on the Cerakote. And I was just giving my impression of the's not like the Colt Mustang idea is new, but the way Sig pulls it off is solid and you do get a lot of features for the money.
          1911 carrying machine repairing college teaching guy. On hiatus from leather work...too many irons in the fire. Will resume when life permits.