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    Got some more Underwood ammo ordered, should be here Monday. I'll change the grips this afternoon back to the original bigger rubber'n'wood, and dig out the ones that came on the shorter gun, try to get to the range Tuesday. Really hoping it helps. The pig hunt starts Thursday, and I'd rather not lose the challenge to the little nephew. Ace2
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      This is somewhat related to the content of this thread, so rather than starting a new thread, I decided to post here.Ace, I hope you don't mind.

      I tried the 200 grain Federals out today along with a few other brands. They were 200 grain Enforcer that I got from either Que's or the Bullet Stop, and some PMC 180 grain JHP rounds. It must not have been my day today, because my marksmanship was absolutely horrible. If it had been a social encounter, I think the safest place to have been would have been in the position of the guy I was shooting at, it was that bad.. I used my 629 Mountain Gun.

      Anyway, all of the round went 'bang' and the only noticeable difference between the different brands was the felt recoil., with the PMC stuff being slightly milder than the other two. As for my marksmanship, it was, I'm certain, just an 'off' day. I've had them before.
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        For those who have been losing sleep waiting for a report, here's a short one. I put the original, larger grips back on, and stepped into the back yard for a quick check. Either the grips make the difference, or I had a particularly good moment; only fired five shots, but on a 2" square at ~15 yards, three shots went into one raggedy hole at the top edge, the other two made one hole at the bottom edge. Any one of them would do for a shot through the ears of a pig. Gonna leave it alone for now. This was with the 255grSWC Underwood load. The group is headed for Oklahoma dark and early tomorrow morning, we should be in the blinds by about 4 or 5o'clock; if things go as I've planned it, I should have both my pigs ready for the cooler by sundown, and spend the rest of the time loafing or taking pictures or looking for snakes (if they're out yet). Gonna be a challenge to beat the little nephew, I got a report that he is shooting really good at 50 yards with the .44 Redhawk--but he's cheating; he put a red dot on it, and his eyes are younger, and his grip is stronger, and his trigger control is better than mine, and he gets to shoot a lot more than me, and.....

        Got a little extra ammo, I may spend some time on the range checking the gun at 50 yards or so, with both the 255gr and 200gr HCWC's.. I'd expect the shots to be a little low, but that's about my limit for deers with a pistol, so hopefully it will be within the proper parameters.

        Hopefully there will be a good report when I get back. Ace2
        Sometimes the term 'Idiot' is a description and not an insult.