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Fix for Sloppy Mosin Nagant rifle triggers.

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  • Fix for Sloppy Mosin Nagant rifle triggers.

    Anyone on here that has Mosin Nagant rifles (other than the Finnish variety which already have return springs) with sloppy triggers, there is now a US company that manufactures a fantastic trigger return spring for them. I have this spring on both my M44 and M91/30 Mosins and it takes all the return slop out of the originally springless trigger. It does not significantly increase the trigger pull poundage and makes it feel almost like a 2 stage pull.

    I don't have any financial interest in this company, but I was fortunate enough to get in on the ground floor as a beta tester when Clyde Treser (the owner who I met over on the website) decided to try manufacturing one. He gave a bunch of us over there a couple each to try and after we helped him get things right for easy install, he sent me a couple for my own rifles.

    The blurb he posted over on the surp rifle forum website is listed here with a link to his own company website & contact info.


    C & R Surplus Spring LLC. (Mosin Nagant Slack Springs Available Now!)
    Get rid of that loose trigger feel associated with most Mosin Nagants. Installs on trigger pin for simple installation. Gives much improved trigger pull. $7.00 + Shipping+Handling. Discounts on quantities 10 and up. Order from website with money order or PayPal. E-Mail Questions To :
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    thanks i will have to check it out. i have 6 nagants and i know some other that might like this also

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