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Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and Kahr PM9 size comparison

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  • Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and Kahr PM9 size comparison

    This was the first thing I wondered when the Shield came out. What's the size difference? Specs only tell you so much and no one had direct photo comparisons. Only photos of the compact vs Shield. So here are some comparison photos. I didn't break out any measuring tape but the differences should be easy to see. I only wish the Shield (let alone CM9) came out years ago. I picked up my PM9 when it was the only nice option for the size. I like the Shield's reset vs the Kahr's full DA trigger but the Kahr is very nice otherwise.
    The Shield I haven't shot and it's not mine... But the easiest way to describe the two is I would carry the PM9 in appendix (up front) and the Shield on my hip.

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    Excellent post!!!! I've actually been wondering this myself
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      Any chance of throwing a Glock 26 in the mix?
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        Originally posted by ship4brains View Post
        Any chance of throwing a Glock 26 in the mix?
        Fairly sure hickok45 compared Shield to G26, Kahr, DB9, etc in this video:
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          Looks like the Shield could be a pocket gun but won't fill that need as easily as the PM9 will. All the gun rags say really good things about the Shield. Seems priced reasonable.
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            I have a Kahr CW40 about the same size and have been considering getting rid of it and using the funds towards a Shield. Prolly gonna do it at the Topeka Gun Show this weekend.
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              I sold my baby Glock a long time ago but it is very wide and bulky in compariso due to Being a double stack. The grip is a little shorter than the Kahr but the width makes it less than ideal for pocket or appendix carry. Neither is or would be a primary carry for normal use, I reserve the baby guns for the activity (running, backup gun, etc.). I normally have a M&P9C.


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                The new single stack, compact 9's are surely tempting, but I am not ready to trade down from a SR9c-
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                  The M&P looks like a better gun. If we were going solely on looks.
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                    I have no complaints on my Shield 9mm and have had it since April 13th, it is my EDC for summer time.
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                      That Shield looks familiar!

                      Finally shot it last week. Put 100 rds of Federal bulk 115gr fmjs and CCI Speer 124gr +P thru it. Shoots like my M&P compact. Approx. 2 inch group from 15 yards unsupported. Double and triple taps were not an issue. Hand was not beat up like you would expect from a "small" gun.

                      I did not have one complaint........the left rear white dot and front dot fell out during the shoot. I have heard this happening to M&Ps front dot. I called Smith's CS, and they said that sometimes they don't get all the oil out before applying paint. I asked for a new front sight and a rear sight. Which they will send out. Their CS is GTG!

                      They even asked if I wanted to ship to them for install on their dime. And another thing, on the Shield, any windage adjustsments are to the front sight only. Rear sight stays fixed per the manual. And you adjust by going the opposite direction that you want the POI to go.

                      FWIW, the front sight is the same size as any M&P (.230 height) excluding the Pro series. I had an extra front sight laying around and installed it. I used a dental pick to remove the right rear dot to look similar to my other M&Ps with night sight front dot and 10-8 black rears.


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                        I've owned a Kahr PM9 for several years with about 3,000 rounds through it. I shot a Shield 9mm brought to one of my classes, by one of my students. He let me shoot it for awhile. It's a nice gun for sure, but for CCW, the OP is correct. The PM9 is much better for pocket carry. The Shield is an on the hip gun. But S&W has made a nice gun at a nice price!
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