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  • EDC Fixed Blade Knives

    Now that we can carry fixed blade knives concealed there no longer much reason to carry a knife you have to fix before use (folder)

    Fixed blade knives are easier to deploy and usually stronger

    A short article on three pretty good knives

    The Clinch Pick is from Craig Douglas and was designed from the ground up to do what it does very well and there is a trainer available for it as well

    I have two of the CRKT small knives, I have nothing bad to say about either of them

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    I agree about the superiority of fixed blades, have the CRKzt, and had the ESEE, but I recently picked up the Colonel Blades NCO, which is a dedicated punch knife.

    Im still practicing and working out carry mode, but it seems pretty darn intuitive and deadly. Definitely a purpose built defense knife, unlike the Keyshawn folder I often carry.
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      Agree that fixed blade knifes are stronger but i think in terms of carrying it is kind of hard, as pocket knives are easier to carry, and if you are travelling you sometimes face issues with customs on fixed blade.