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Dont Waste Your Money! - How to Avoid Bad Swords

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  • Dont Waste Your Money! - How to Avoid Bad Swords

    Just so much junk out there, so much potentially dangerous junk
    "I suppose it's tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail...." ~Abraham Maslow~

    "Skill makes you harder to kill" ~ Unknown

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    Lots of knives and swords on the market. Steel is cheap but what kind of steel is a used in construction? A catalog might say just Stainless or just high carbon steel. A better description will say a steel spec such as 5160, D2, 1095 or 1075 for plain carbon steel. Lots of knives and swords say Damascus which is meaningless unless you know what kind of ally steel was used to make the Damascus.

    How was the blade formed and heat treated? Some knives might be made from sheet steel cut by laser, water-jet or plasma and the ground to shape. Or the sheet steel could be die cut in a stamping machine and then ground.

    A knife or sword could be drop forged by a big machine or it could be forged by a bladesmith.

    The temperature, cleanliness and technique used can make good steel into junk. A good blade can have a handle poorly installed. A maker's name and reputation is reflected in te price.

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