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Introducing the All New FGX Balisong

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  • Introducing the All New FGX Balisong


    "Our new FGX Balisong is not a toy but it’s awfully hard to make yourself stop flipping it. Made entirely of Griv-Ex™ and other strategic non-metal materials, it’s a marvel of injection molding at a ridiculously low price. The double-edged blade features a sharp, reinforced point and sports twin “grip and rip” serrated edges that will cut to the bone!"
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    I had a knife similar to this growing up. I remember sticking it in my leg while practicing opening when I was around 10 or 12. I sold it to a friend for what I paid of it. Ive been a fan of fixed blades ever since.


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      They're kinda like fidget spinners. Everyone had one in the late 70's to early 80's. They used to be Benchmades bread and butter back then. I recall them being sold in the martial arts magazines for over $100, which was pricey in the early 80's. Then the swap meet quality copies were ubiquitous. Back then you could carry a pocket knife to school and most of us had one. At least at my school; which was rural. We also raffled shotguns on school property back then. Things were probably a lot different in urban schools.
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        Everything is a fidget spinner until you actually need one. Lol
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