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BudK and KA-Bar clones & a real KA-BARS

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  • BudK and KA-Bar clones & a real KA-BARS

    BUDK has lots of knives. Some real KA-BARS and other quality knives. They also have Hollywood fantasy knives and some junk.

    A couple of years ago I bought 3 Marine KA-BARs and at the time only $9 each. Gave each son a knock-ff. The blade and steel was good, 420HC. Assembly was so-so. Never threw the knife but one morning I found te butt cap on the floor. They did not fully seat te retaining pin. Easy fix with a longer pin and some epoxy. Te leather stack stayed tight except to the last two. I used some epoxy to secure the last two leather washers and the new, longer pin.
    The knife is now listed at $23, still 1/4th the cost of a real KA-BAR [which they also carry].

    I used a Dremel tool with a sanding drum to make some flatter spots so there is an index on where the edge is. Tat also makes it easier ti hold since it isn't just smooth polished

    I also modified the sheath. Removed the drop part and made it a tight fit on the belt by folding it down to create a loop at the top of the sheath. The leather snap was modified so it snapped over the guard. If I like it, I'll make a nicer one without using Gorilla glue.

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